principe vol à voile
Your day at a glance!

Before each day members can sign up as a tow pilot, instructor, student, introductory pilot, etc… Each member will have an overview of the day, and as a result will be better prepared. Will we have a tow pilot? Is Nick coming? How many instructors will be there? Find out in an instant!

instruction planeur
Organize instruction

To ensure enough time for each student, each instructor decides the number of students that he wishes to work with each day. This will open the correct number of spots for the students to sign up for.

Planning evenements
Create events or a sign up list

  • ... plan a theoretical lesson
  • … schedule a maintenance day
  • ... meet up with other club members for drinks, dinner, a party, etc.
You can create an event and other members can sign up in just a click! This is also a useful tool to gather the opinion of other members (to choose a date, for example).

Forum planeur
A discussion forum for each day!

Share weather forecasts!
Remember the briefing time.
Know when the tow plane is undergoing maintenance.
In short, discuss and communicate!

Interface de covoiturage
Car sharing interface

A lot of us are coming from the same place! Find your departure location and trip plan on the map and instantly view all the possibilities for car sharing!

Agenda baptêmes de l'air
The introductory flight schedule is now online!

You can access this wherever you are: the scheduled introductory flights will appear in your schedule. If you are authorized, sign up as a pilot to help out with the flights. The head pilot will be thankful!

Communication ciblée et efficace
Send targeted and effective messages

Contact in only one click...
    ...any member of your club
    ...all instructors, students, winchmen ...
    ...all members signed up for a specific day
Lists and contact details are always up-to-date!

Vue de synthèse et statistiques
Overview and statistics

Plan long term and analyze your club's activity.
Show information in a yearly calendar or in graph form.

Envoi email instructeurs vol à voile
Automatically send alerts

When there are not enough instructors, tow pilots, or introductory pilots, an email will automatically be sent to them to ask for additional help.

Inscription par téléphone planeur
Sign up over the phone

Do some members not have internet access? They can also sign up by calling the club. Administrators are able to sign up or delete any member.

Mail de rappel
Send reminder emails

Are some members forgetful? To remind them that they are signed up, they can choose to receive reminder emails two days before each registration.

A completely customizable tool

Choose the sign up fields, the roles, and the alerts that you want to receive! Head pilot, acrobatics, 2 instruction slots per day, etc… Leave it up to your imagination!

Esprit vol à voile
…and all in the spirit of gliding

This online schedule is not designed to replace pre-flight briefings. It does not automatically match students with instructors, it does not arbitrarily assign students, and it does not take the time into account. Flight days begin in the morning and finish in the evenings, no exceptions!

Connect Click n' Glide to your current tools!

Get the strength of Click n' Glide without the heaviness of a new tool!
Synchronize in one click the list of members with your preferred tool.
The numerous APIs and import / export functions ensure that you remain in control of your data and can even set up automatic data exchanges between your tools.